# Downloads

There should be an eMMC on the CM4 Sensing, the difference is just the eMMC size. And the eMMC is pre-installed 32-bit Raspberry Desktop OS with our BSP installed. Customers can just use it out of box and don't have to download a OS image and flash the eMMC. If customers want to reset to the factory settings, customers could get the latest images and reflash the eMMC.

Once you have downloaded the image file, please refer to section: eMMC Flashing to flash the eMMC.

# Raspberry Pi OS Image with BSP Installed

This system image is based on the origin Raspberry Pi OS and pre-installed our BSP package by apt-get and with SSH server service enabled. Customers can just flash it to eMMC and no longer need to install BSP again. It' convenient.

# Release 2022-07-08

Raspberry Pi OS, Debian bullseye(11), version: 2022-07-08

Image Options Download Link
Raspberry Pi OS with desktop, 32-bit 2022-07-08-cm4sen11-armhf.zip (opens new window)
Raspberry Pi OS with desktop, 64-bit 2022-07-08-cm4sen11-arm64.zip (opens new window)
Raspberry Pi OS Lite, 32-bit 2022-07-08-cm4sen11-armhf-lite.zip (opens new window)
Raspberry Pi OS Lite, 64-bit 2022-07-08-cm4sen11-arm64-lite.zip (opens new window)

# Release 2021-10-24

Raspberry Pi OS, Debian buster(10), version: 2021-10-24

  • Based on official Raspberry Pi OS version 2021-05-27
  • Kernel version: 5.10.x
  • Default login: User: pi, Password: raspberry

Download Link

# Origin Raspberry Pi OS Image

If customers want to use the image that we don't provide:

  • Lite version(No Desktop)
  • 64-bit
  • Lastest version or some special version

Customer can just download it from raspberrypi.com and install our BSP package by apt-get to enable the hardware functions.

# Install BSP package by apt-get

The BSP package provide some hardware function support like micro-SDCard, RTC, RS232, RS485, CAN, DSI etc. Customers should use our pre-installed BSP image or install the BSP package by yourselves.

We support install and update the BSP by apt-get just like you install some other software or tools. It's so simple.


The image files that we provided is just pre-installed the BSP image by apt-get and with SSH enabled. It's almost the same with the origin official Raspberry Pi oS.

  • First, download the GPG key and add our source list
curl -sS https://apt.edatec.cn/pubkey.gpg | sudo apt-key add -

echo "deb https://apt.edatec.cn/raspbian stable main" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/edatec.list
  • Then, Install the BSP package
sudo apt update
sudo apt install ed-cm4sen-rev1p0-bsp ed-rtc
  • If you want to use the 4G LTE hardware


ed-networkmanager installation will cause WiFi and 4G network disconnection

sudo apt install ed-networkmanager
# If your OS has a desktop, we support installing ed-networkmanager-gnome
sudo apt install ed-networkmanager-gnome


Now we change to network-manager, network-manager supports setting network connections, setting the priority and routing of connections is easier

If you never used network-manager, we provide some basic operations for using network-manager network-mannager

  • Reboot to take effect.
sudo reboot
  • That's it.

# Update the BSP by apt-get

We're continuously improving the BSP package, fix bugs, release new features. If the customers perform a system upgrade, our BSP package will also check and do updates. Customers can also perform a manual update.

  • Check if there's any updates
sudo apt update
  • Do update
sudo apt install ed-cm4sen-rev1p0-bsp ed-rtc
sudo apt install ed-networkmanager
  • Reboot to take effect.
sudo reboot

# Reference