# Troubleshooting

  • Why does the system fail to start after inserting the SD card that has been programmed into the system?

First of all, CM4 Nano does not support booting from SD card. The SD card interface is different from the interface when the system is started, so the combination of SD card and CM4LITE version is not applicable.

  • When burning the system image, why there is no information printing after executing RPIBOOT on the computer?
  • Determine whether the download cable has the function of data transmission. Some data cables only have the function of charging.

  • Check whether the BOOT pin is short-circuited with GND, and the system will be prevented from starting after the short-circuit

  • Whether other USB devices are plugged into the computer, other USB devices may interfere with the RPIBOOT software, try unplugging other USB devices。

  • Why do I burn the official system, but some functions can’t be used?

CM4 Nano 's system is recompiled based on the official system, and the software has been customized according to the onboard resources of CM4 Nano. Please refer to the Installation (opens new window)of the BSP package.