# Quick Start Guide

# Packaging List

  • 1x CM4 Industrial Machine
  • [Optional] 1x WiFi/BT Dual-band Antenna
  • [Optional] 1x 4G External Antenna


There are several variants according to different ordering code.

  • different eMMC size with 8GB, 16GB or 32GB
  • different DDR / RAM size with 1GB, 2GB, 4GB or 8GB.
  • If WiFi/BT included
  • If 4G LTE included
  • If a metal case included or a PCBA

More details please to refer to Ordering Code

Optional Accessories

# Hardware Setup

We take the CM4 Industrial with WiFi, 4G and case as example to show how to install.

# What Do You Need

Besides the CM4 Industrial machine, you also need:

  • 12V@2A Power Supply
  • 1x Ethernet cable
  • [Optional] 1x micro SIM card
  • 1x HDMI monitor
  • 1x standard HDMI A to HDMI A cable
  • 1x keyboard
  • 1x mouse

# Hardware Assembly

  1. Install the WiFi antenna
  2. [Optional] Insert the micro SIM card
  3. Connect the Ethernet cable between CM4 Industrial and a router
  4. Plug you keyboard and mouse to the USB ports
  5. Make sure that your monitor is turned on, and that you have selected the right input
  6. Then connect your HDMI cable from CM4 Industrial to your monitor

# Start up

CM4 Industrial will boot up once you plug the power supply.

  • Plug the 12V@2A power supply into a socket and connect it to the DC port marked '+12V DC' on CM4 Industrial
  • You should see a red LED light up on the Raspberry Pi, which indicates that Raspberry Pi is connected to power. As it starts up (this is also called booting), you will see raspberries appear in the top left-hand corner of your screen


  • After a few seconds the Raspberry Pi OS desktop will appear. If login is promoted, please input username: pi and default password: raspberry



There is a pre-installed Raspberry Pi OS in the eMMC, you do not have to flash it


Please use a 12V power supply. The voltage of the power supply cannot exceed 18V, or it will damage the board.

# Finishing the setup

When you start your Raspberry Pi for the first time, the Welcome to Raspberry Pi application will pop up and guide you through the initial setup.

pi wizard

  • Click on Next to start the setup.
  • Set your Country, Language, and Timezone, then click on Next again.

pi wizard country

  • Enter a new password for your Raspberry Pi and click on Next.

pi wizard password

  • Connect to your wireless network by selecting its name, entering the password, and clicking on Next.

pi wizard wifi

Note: If your model of Raspberry Pi doesn’t have wireless connectivity, you won’t see this screen.

Note: Wait until the wireless connection icon appears and the correct time is shown before trying to update the software.

  • Click on Next, and let the wizard check for updates to Raspberry Pi OS and install them (this might take a little while).

pi wizard updating

  • Click on Restart to finish the setup.

Note: You will only need to reboot if that’s necessary to complete an update.

pi wizard complete

# Remote Access the CM4 Industrial with SSH

The SSH service is enabled in the pre-installed OS. Please refer to the below sections for detailed instructions.